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Who I am

I am a Brazilian writer, born in Rio de Janeiro.
Got my BA in journalism and advertising at PUC Rio de Janeiro and my specialist degree in Literature for Children and Youth at UFF. My first book was released in 2001, after receiving two Brazilian awards: Carioquinha, from Rio de Janeiro City hall, for O Pano de Boca (The Curtain), and the Adolfo Aizen, from Brazilian Writers Union (UBE), for Um Barco, Um Avião, Uma Bolha de Sabão (A Boat, A Plane, A Soap Bubble).
When I'm not creating characters and stories, I do translations from English and Spanish to Portuguese, and run workshops and short courses related to literature for children and youth.

Something about my books

Books for children

Aconteceu na escola: Um dia de princesa (It Happened at School: A Princess day) - Text and illustr. in partnership with Anna Claudia Ramos – Published by Pallas.
A big school project, idealized by a special teacher, to involve family, students, all the community. A mix of narrative and theatrical language overcoming prejudices.

Aconteceu no Reino de Brejo Grande (It Happened at the Big Swamp Kingdom) - Ilustr. Inez Martins – Published by Prumo
Frogprince was bewitched when he was still a tadpole: he would become a boy! Only something very special could free him.

Um, Dois, Feijão Com Arroz / Que Dia É Hoje (One, Two, Rice and Beans / What day is today?) - Ilustr. Anielizabeth - Published by Zit – double face book
In a playful way, the rimes led to amusing verses that give continuity to the stories that are part of our cultural memory. The images, rich in details that make the ideal setting for the rimes.

A Princesa Que Era Uma Vez (The Princess who was once upon a time) - Ilustr. By Marília Pirillo – Published by Positivo

There once was a princess who was tired of her story and asked the Narrator to tell her story in a different way, after all it was a real princess, of flesh and blood. But it was not as easy as it seemed ...

O Pano de Boca (The Curtain) - Ilustr. Thais Linhares - Published by Cortêz
Junior wanted to understand what the Curtain was. So, he decided to explore the Theatre; .hallways, stairs, doors... everything was so big and empty. But whence came those weird noises? The shadows? Junior's imagination runs wild, like that chill down your spine. After all, the Theatre has many stories to tell

Era Uma Vez Num Jardim (Once upon a time in a garden) - Illustr. by the author– Published by Zit – Picture book
A story where the child can, actually, read and understand only throughout images.

Um Barco, Um Avião, Uma Bolha de Sabão (A Boat, A Plane, A Soap Bubble) - Illustr. Rogério Coelho - Published by DCL
Anderson, Dudu and Antonia don’t know each other. For different reasons they wish their family situation changes. They wish it so badly that they meet each other in a special place where everything they ever wanted is possible… Was it only a dream?

E Assim Surgiu o Maracanã (And Thus Emerged Maracanã) - Illustr. Marcelo D’Salete - Published by DCL
Homage to the great football Stadium: Maracanã. To its history and glory. And to my home town.

O Chiclete (Bubble Gum) - Illustr. Lucas França - Published by Zit

Ilha, O Menino e O Poste (Island, the boy and the pole) - Ilustr. by Alessandra Tozi – Published by Nova Espiral

Bambalalão, Senhor Capitão (Bambalalão, Mr. Captain!)  - Illustr. Anielizabeth - Published by Salesiana

Cuidado! Veja Lá o Que Vai Falar! (Be careful with what to say!) - Illustr. Aragão - Published by Ícone

Books for youth

Os Pedros (The Peters) - new edition  by Rovelle
João Pedro is the popular one. José Pedro is a nerd. But both are in love with the same girl. Can you imagine that?  In the mean time, João Pedro’s parents split up and the things get a little more complicated.

Encontros no Paraíso (Meetings in Heaven) - Illustr. Laura Castilhos - by Artes e Ofícios
Four friends shared a thrilling adventure and find out hidden skills, which will drive them to their career choices.

Corações, Caras e Beijos (Hearts, Faces and Kisses) - Illustr. João Carre - Published by Cortês
Some friends, two volleyball teams, regular teenagers, but not everybody reveals all their desires, anxieties, fears... After all, who doesn’t have well guarded secrets?

Entre E-mails e Acontecimentos (Among e-mails and happenings) - Illustr. Caio Borges - Published by Mundo Mirim
Érica and Mônica are best friends. But Érica moved to France with her family, and will keep in touch with Monica via e-mails. But, Érica is in love with Guto. And Guto…

As (Muitas) Versões de um (Mesmo) Beijo (The (many) versions of a (same) kiss) - Ilustr. Fernando Pires - Published by Larousse
Dudu liked Elisa who was Mari’s friend, who helped Lu, who was Beto’s girlfriend, who was Mario’s best friend, who was secretly in love with Magui, who didn’t understand why everyone was so bad at the Portuguese test!

Isso é Pra Ficar Entre Nós (Just among us) - Ilust. Marilena Saito - Published by Mundo Mirim
This is a secret blog of 5 inseparable friends, where they reveal their adventures, passions and doubts. But one of them is missing, and someone rackers the blog and creates a great confusion.

E Agora? (And now what?) - Front cover Laura Castilhos - Published by Artes e Ofícios
Julia and Rodrigo live in the same neighbourhood and are friends since childhood. But suddenly, they start to have strange feelings for each other, and don’t understand what is happening.

O Segredo do Tempo (Time’ secret) - Published by Biruta
Curiosity transforms four kids into the heroes of this adventure. A journey into the unknown. Some historical information on the days of slavery through a narrative that brings the past to the present

Débora: Arrumando por Dentro (Débora: Arranging from Inside) - Published by Zit
Within that crazy normality of many families, Debora, a teenager, suddenly is rewarded with baby brother who wasn’t in the plans. He will steal all the attention that was hers – only child so far. And even will take a piece of Debora’s room – her special kingdom.

Marcas de Uma Guerra - Illustr.: Felipe Kapi - Published by Salesiana

Muitos Caminhos, Uma Decisão - Ilustr. Victor Tavares -  Published by Zeus / Nova Fronteira 

Short stories compilations

Internautas, os chips reinventando o nosso dia a dia - Published by Melhoramentos

Mitos Urbanos - Ilustr. Alexandre Santos - Published by Mundo Mirim

Era uma vez para Sempre - Ilustr. Fábio Tremonte -  Published by Terracota

Quando Tudo Acontece De Repente - Illustr. Daniel Kondo -  Published by Larousse

Histórias de Avós e Netos - Illustr. Rubem Filho - Published by Scipione

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